About Sleepology

Did you know that the average person sleeps for a third of their life?

That adds up to around 27 years!

However, 51% of adults sleep for 6 hours or less every night. And only 17% enjoy the full 8 hours recommended by the NHS.

The amount of sleep we get isn’t the only issue, the quality of our sleep is declining too;

  • 69% of adults are frequently disturbed and woken up during the night
  • 55% of UK adults have suffered from insomnia, and
  • 38% currently suffer from it

Hi, I’m Jackie Warren

I’m a former bed saleswoman and now sleep consultant who became obsessed with getting a good nights sleep after suffering from insomnia for roughly two years.

You see, bed sales sales is like any other sales job. It’s high pressure.

You’re always, under pressure to make that next sale. Sell the extended warranty, sell add-ons like pillows and duvets.

It wasn’t just my bosses who put pressure on me, I did too. Afterall, a sales persons basic salary is very low, the rest you make up with commission.

This created 2 problems;

  1. I was told to ignore the people who were at the beginning of their journey in search of a new bed or mattress. If they weren’t in a position to buy, if all the wanted was advice, I was told to ignore them and look for a customer who was ready to buy. If I didn’t I’d lose out to a salesperson who was willing to do just that.
  2. The pressure put on me to upsell, cross-sell and sell add-ons often resulted in a customer leaving the store with a product that either wasn’t right for them or they just didn’t need it.

Some people are fine with this kind of pressure and will say anything at all to make the sale. I’ve watched sales people actually lie to a customer, just to get the sale.

However, I wasn’t OK with it at all and it literally kept me up at night.

I tried to be less aggressive and be more helpful to every customer but my bosses came down hard on me as my sales numbers declined, as did my commissions and therefore, income.

I’d go home at night miserable and not want to go into work the next day. Sleep became harder and harder to come by and after a few weeks I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with insomnia.

The doctor told me I needed to change my job if it was causing this level of stress. So I decided to leave the very large, very well known bed company I worked for and got a job with a smaller, family run business who specialised in high-end products.

At first, things seemed much better but as time went by my bosses put me under more and more pressure to sell more and more.

So I ended up right back where I started, hating work, not sleeping and worrying about what the next day will bring.

I was a bed saleswoman who couldn’t sleep – the irony!

That’s when I became obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep I read everything, tried different tricks, took different advice and eventually left my sales job to retrain as a sleep consultant.

That’s When I Created Sleepology

I want to help people live their best days by getting their best night’s sleep.

Here’s what you can expect to find;

  • Mattress Guides: Help and advice on choosing the best mattress for you considering your sleeping habits, budget and personal preferences. No hard sell, just honest, simple advice.
  • Mattress Reviews: In-depth reviews and comparisons on some of the most popular mattresses and mattress brands on the market.
  • Bedding Accessories – Reviews and advice from everything from pillows, bed sheets, mattress toppers and bed frames.
  • Sleeping Accessories – Information about products to help you get a better night’s sleep. Everything from CPAP machines to bedroom fans.
  • Advice and Resouces: Thoroughly written articles about how to get the best nights sleep.

How Sleepology is Funded

I created Sleepology to share my knowledge with a bigger audience than I could do otherwise. All the information on this website is completely free to use.

However, if I recommend a product and you click on a link from one of my articles to buy that product, I may get paid a small commission. Just as I would have done as a regular salesperson, execpt there’s no pressure for you to buy anything.

Those commissions pay for me to keep writing and sharing my knowledge, as well as paying for the products I rest and review. Hopefully, I make make a bit extra to go towards my living expenses too.

I do want to point out however, that any financial compensation is paid by the product manufacturer or retailer. At no point will it ever cost you anything.

That being said, there will be some products I recommend that I don’t get a commission on at all. I recommend them purely because I think they will of benefit.

I Hope You Enjoy Using Sleepology

But more than that, I hope the information and advice contained within this website helps you live your best days by getting your best night’s sleep.

Improving your sleep can and will improve every other area of your life. I’d love to play even a small part in that.